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Round Trip Serrano River

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Round Trip Serrano River

Full Day Round Trip Boat Ride on Serrano River


Product Description


We will turn up at the Serrano area in Puerto Chaitén and our passengers will be accommodated on the inflatable boats, each one with a 16-people carrying capacity and fitted with individual seats plus floating suits/vests. All passengers will be fully briefed about this specific boat navigation stage which encompasses the full length of the Serrano River (40 km altogether).

We will start the river trip by aiming to reach the Waterfall. At this point we will disembark and walk for about 15 minutes, first towards the observation emplacement on the hillside known as “Cerro Donoso” which overlooks the Serrano River Waterfall. Thereafter we will board another inflatable boat and continue our river voyage towards Mount Balmaceda.  

Along this route we will stop to enjoy the magnificent view of the Southern Icepack section known as Tyndall glacier. Thereafter, we will move forward towards our end destination at Puerto Toro. The latter is located within the confines of the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park.

At this place we will stay for about 90 minutes; thus we will have plenty of time to undertaking either of two strolling options. The first entails going to the foothill of the Serrano Glacier (a round trip that will take about an hour to complete) and a much shorter 5-minute walk to an observation post.

Thereafter, and weather permitting, we shall navigate through the Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope) Fjord towards the Balmaceda Glacier. At this point, and from January to March, it will be feasible to visit a colony of sea lions that have taken residence here. Thereafter we shall begin our return trip to the Serrano area but this time going upstream and in plain sight of the Paine Cordillera range.

Upon arrival we will treat ourselves to the customary Patagonian Lunch served at the “Colonos” grill located only a few metres away. The lunch noteworthy ingredients are:

  • Pisco Sour Aperitif
  • Mutton barbeque
  • Potatoes
  • Salad
  • 1 glass of white or red wine or juice 

During the navigation time:

  • Our bilingual tourist guide will be constantly providing our passengers with information about each sector of interest as well as answering any questions they may wish to put forward.



Our suggestions of the clothing to wear during the strolling session:


  • Gloves
  • Headgear
  • Scarves
  • Spectacles
  • Comfortable stroll footwear.